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I have a prospective client that has Candida, and I would love some information on the causes, treatments and exercise prescriptions guidelines. Can you put me in the right direction and give me any pertinent advise concerning nutrition and how Candida will affect response to exercise?


Candida is a common and fairly elusive problem. Because the symptom profile is so diverse, it is often mistaken for many other problems. For example, here are some of the commonly listed symptoms reported by Candida overgrowth sufferers:

Probable Causes

Anyone who eats the modern diet and shops at typical supermarkets for commercially farmed foods and meats dramatically increases the likelihood of having Candida overgrowth or some other such form of yeast and/or fungal overgrowth. While Candida albicans is a symbiotic organism in the healthy host with balanced gut flora, it becomes parasitic at the point of overgrowth, which is indicated by the presence of multiple correlating symptoms or by the presence of antibodies identified through diagnostic testing.

Candida, like all molds, fungi and parasitic organisms LOVES SUGAR! It is not particular either. It is very happy to thrive on organic sugar sources if you should do what many do, which is justify sweet things because they are organic!

Anyone suffering from Candida overgrowth should go on an antifungal diet immediately! The best antifungal diet I know of is published in the book The Fungal Link by Doug Kaufmann (to find a copy, visit The essence of an antifungal diet can be outlined as:

What You Can Eat

This is basically what is referred to as a Cave Man Diet. I tell all of my patients, “If it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it!” That rule alone will keep most people healthy! Another general rule of thumb is that the longer anything lasts on the shelf, the worse it is for you!

Other products that will assist in overcoming Candida overgrowth include the following:

I recommend you consult a CHEK NLC II, or NLC III or a good naturopathic physician for guidance on the doses of these products before shot gunning them!

There are many factors that often lead to Candida problems that also need to be discussed and probably managed by a good natural physician. For example, those that suffer Candida albicans infection commonly have a history of antibiotic use, which kills all the friendly bacteria but does nothing to fungi, allowing any existing fungi family in your intestinal tract to take over. If you have EVER taken antibiotics without going through a recolonization process, that is a first step. The goats milk products mentioned above are very helpful, but a super high quality, human grade probiotic supplement is likely to be needed to restore balance to the gut flora.

The birth control pill is another common problem that facilitates Candida overgrowth. This is thought to be linked to the fact that estrogen and progesterone influence yeast production (This line of investigation comes from the fact that females have a noticeably higher incidence of Candida albicans infection than men).

I personally put all such patients on a four day food rotation diet plan as well as using a comprehensive blood test for food allergy. The goal is to remove any source of inflammation in the gut. When there is inflammation in the small intestine, for any reason, the likelihood of having what is called “leaky gut syndrome” goes up dramatically. The most common causes of leaky gut syndrome (lets the Candida leak into general circulation) are:

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