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Amino Acid Supplement – L-arganine


I recently was talking to a younger male client of mine (24) who is in very good physical shape and is consistently looking to add defined mass. He recently purchased something called a Hemo-Dialator from GNC and I was wondering what you could tell me about it. What are the risks/benefits? I would imagine being a hemo-dialator that it enlarges the blood cells and increases its capacity to deliver nutrients?


The product you are talking about is "NO2 Hemodialator." It is really just the amino acid L-arganine. L-arganine like all amino acids is supposed to help the body stay in a positive nitrogen balance. The only difference between this product and normal L-arganine is that this is a time release form and it costs about three times as much. I am not a big proponent of supplements, but I don't think this will do any harm except to your wallet. As always, the best source of nutrients is from whole organic foods.

Note from the Editor: For general information on supplements, consider picking up Neal Spruce’s book "An Evaluation of Popular Fitness-Enhancing Supplements".