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Neuropathy on the Foot


I have a client with type 2 diabetes and neuropathy on the bottom of her left foot. She is 55 years old, has a very high stress level and has recently lost 20 pounds. I am wondering if there are any specific exercises to strengthen the foot that may alleviate the tingling and numbness. Also, the neuropathy intensifies with her blood sugars being high. Thanks in advance!


I wish I could tell you that there is a magic exercise that would help, but there is not. The best way to reduce her symptoms is to get her blood sugars under control. I recommend having her keep a food diary so you can see what she is eating. I have found that many individuals who have type 2 diabetics have a terrible diet. Don't think just because she isn't eating candy and drinking soda that she has a good diet. She needs four to five meals per day, and they all need to be low glycemic foods. Stick to the basics with exercises. Correct her muscular imbalances, improve balance strength and do low impact cardio.