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Squat Test: Reebok Screens


I have a client who, while squatting, sticks her rear end up. I have studied the Reebok Movement Screens for the squat and nothing is mentioned about that! What muscles are tight, and which ones need to be strengthened?


I need some questions answered before I can answer the question:

  1. You mentioned the screen but only for the squat. You must do all screens to determine a problem like tight muscles.
  2. Lets keep it simple because I'm a little slow. If the client passes all screens but the squat than you likely have a stability problem (pore core and pelvic control). If the client has difficulty with other screens than a mobility problem is present.
  3. Don't concern yourself about a tight muscle when a whole movement pattern is out. The "high rear position" my be simply a bad habit. If no significant flexibility problems exist than try my toe touch progression followed by my deep squat progression (in both the book and video).
  4. If you must talk tight muscles - It's probably the hip flexors BUT stretching them will not change the squat appearance or function to a large degree (been there / done that). The client will need to "motor learn" how not to fire the hip flexors and this will best be accomplished by a motor learning drill like I mentioned above...
  5. Thought for the day - Never judge a movement pattern during an exercise session. You will get confused between the exercise rules and the potential for unrestricted human movement. Evaluate the client (with a screen or movement evaluation) after that prescribe the appropriate exercise. Then evaluate the way they do that particular exercise based on the rules of that exercise (standards and precautions). Never attempt both at the same time. I made this mistake often and now things are going so much smoother for me because I refuse to discuss exercises for a particular individual until I know what their movement patterns are.

Hope this helps!