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Hamstring Stretch with LBP


I've been doing research on low back pain. I've found most fitness professionals recommend not to stretch out the hamstrings when an individual has low back pain, but all of the articles I've read on the topic say otherwise. Could you tell me whether I should stretch the hamstrings if a client has low back pain or not?


The answer to your question is more simple than it may seem. The question you have to ask yourself is, what is the cause of the low back pain? Short/tight hamstrings can contribute just as much as long/weak hamstrings. The answer is to stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak. Contrary to popular belief (by Med-x and other medical grade equipment manufactures), LBP cannot be solved with "one-size-fits-all" stretches and exercises. LBP is a complex problem that usually has a complex solution. As always, remember nutrition. Your body can only be as high of quality as what you feed it. Do you want to be built from macaroni and cheese or organic steak?

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