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Cold Hands


I would like to know more about the reason behind my client's cold hands.


Cold hands in general may not be a sure sign of anything in particular. It may be due to poor circulation. We have what is called a peripheral heart pump. For lack of better terms, we have little hearts or circulators at the extremities of our bodies. This peripheral heart pump action needs to be worked efficiently as with anything else. Another issue with poor circulation is actually tight muscles. If you look at the cumulative injury cycle, we will see that an abnormally tight muscle will decrease blood flow to that area, thus causing that area to be cold. Often times, it can present itself as tingling or numbness. If it gets to that point, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to refer to a medical professional.

To work the peripheral heart pump effectively, start with a circuit type routine going from an upper body exercise to a lower body exercise with about 30 seconds or so rest in between. This will help increase circulation throughout the body and increase the temperature in your client's extremities. Always be careful to monitor heart rate and look for any signs of dizziness, nausea, heart pains or excessive fatigue.