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Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters


I would like your advice regarding programming for figure skaters for a off ice training.


These types of questions are difficult to specifically answer. The skaters age and sex are unknown, level of experience and skill ability is also unknown and if they have any injury issues that need rehabilitation. So, we must create a wide training direction. Below are some general guiding principles which you the trainer will need to decipher and apply to your client as appropriate.

Here is how I am seeing it, at this moment: Ice Skaters need very good balance and proprioceptive ability. They also need good jumping power, generated from the upper legs, hips, mid-section and shoulder girdle. Muscle power- endurance is probably the primary goal metabolically, which is driven by the PC-ATP and Anaerobic Glycolitic systems. Some aerobic metabolism is also essential to help recovery aspects. With these things in mind we start designing the exercise prescription.

Here is how a workout pattern might look:

Give this outline a spin and let us know how it goes. Weight, sets, reps and tempo will depend greatly on the phase of training your client is currently in. For more information on this, take time to read articles by Tudor Bompa (Periodization of Strengthseries) and Ian King (What Speed of Movement Do I Use?), as well as the entire Essentials of Integrated Training article series by Mike Clark. Remember, keep your clients hydrated, rest as needed and use whatever restoration methods needed to help your client recover.