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Cellulite on Stomach


I have a 44 year old female client. I put her on an "eating right" program. She is walking and running five to six times a week and training three times a week. The problem is her mid section has a cellulite look to it. Can you help?


Thank you for your client concern. We will offer you some practical advice to help your situation. Keep in mind it is hard to give you an exact protocol because we are not performing an assessment nor program progressions.

The first program modification should be to change the mode of cardiorespiratory work and resistance training work. Change from walking/running to any of the proceeding examples: Elliptical, Treadmill, Incline Treadmill, Stair Stepper, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, etc. Make a change in the mode at least every three weeks as the body becomes accustomed to the stimulus quickly, especially as the client progresses past the beginner phase of her program. As for resistance training, be sure to change the program according to your client's ability on an on-going bases. Please perform a search of the Research section of the site under keyword "Integrated Training." Integrated training allows you to systematically progress clients, which in turn forces the body into a constant adaptation phase. The constant adaptation phase is critical to your client's cosmetic goal.

The second consideration is the intrinsic strength (or lack of) within the abdominal wall. If the organs are NOT controlled by the deep abdominal muscles (transversus abdominus, multifidus, pelvic floor, diaphragm, etc.), the lower abdomen will present protruded. This protrusion along with some adipose tissue can be very troublesome to the mind of a client. Solution: Perform exercises to strengthen the area below the umbilicus (belly button) and use the strength gained with all exercises. Please perform a search of the Research section of the site under keyword "Abdominal Training."

Third consideration is taking a closer look at the energy intake of your client. Keep in mind, if the energy in (food) is MORE than the energy OUT (exercise, total movement), then your client may be working hard on her program but seeing no cosmetic results. Advice: Consult with someone who understands nutrition and exercise, with a goal of altering body composition.