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Martial Arts Training


I'm having difficulty finding information on sports specific training for those who want to improve their abilities in the martial arts. For example, what tend to be the weak areas of their fitness level that need the most attention? And what are most sports specific exercises for this type of client?


Your question on specific training for martial arts could be quite diverse. For example, is the person you are training a grappler (wrestling, jujitsu, judo, sambo...), an up-right hands and feet man (kenpo karate, tae kwon doe, tang su doe, hapkido...) or an all arounder (UFC, K2, Pride, ValeTudo...)? This has an impact on the time spent in different areas of conditioning. However, like with most power sports, there can be some general training guide lines to add to the specific training items.

General conditioning for power sports, like martial arts, can follow many pathways. The way I understand it is like this;

Specific training really falls in the dojo or gym where you train. I like to use the swiss ball for balance and mid-section work, partner resistance for overall reaction drills and then bag work or skills work for your "thing." Everyone seems to have a different view on what is effective. My opinion, at this time, is do what your client wants to do and can do without harm or anxiety. Sometimes combative training is tough on the joints and the mind. Going through different techniques repetitively without being punished is an effective way to develop skills and get a workout. I leave this area up to you.

The only "weak" area for most combative people is trying to stay injury free. Specific conditioning needs are just doing them in a logical manner to avoid over training. Remember, your client does your workout but probably more training at his dojo. Balance is certainly a key element in this matter and life. Good luck!