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A-C Separation and Recovery
Samuel Berry

Berry gives us a close look at the causes, levels of severity and treatment options for this common impact sport injury!

Diet and Disease: Are We Playing a Deadly Game with Our Dietary Choices?
Teri Gentes
Teri Gentes discusses the link between diet and disease.  What habits could lead to a health decline in your life?
Alternative Grains
Matthew Kadey

Join Matthew as he explains the nutritional advantages and differences among several alternative grains and describes how to prepare them properly.

Breathing for Optimal Health - Part 2
JP Sears
Having set up the anatomy and importance of proper breathing in the first part of his series, Sears exposes the causes and effects of faulty breathing patterns and gives us some practical tools to for positively shifting breathing patterns in ourselves and our clients.
HIIT Programming: Manipulating the Variables for Maximum Benefit
Mike Bracko
Mike Bracko discusses manipulating veriables for maximum benefit during HIIT workouts.
Back Injury Prevention Using Neutral Spine Exercises
Mike Bracko
Back pain is one of the most significant health care issues in North America. Sixty to 80% of the population (including fitness professionals and personal training clients) will suffer from back pain or back injury at one point in their life (Andersson, Fine, & Silverstein, 1995). Dr. Mike Bracko helps you understand the research and risk factors for back injuries, explains the mechanisms of injury, and demos how to apply horizontal and vertical core training exercises.
Can Stability Ball Training Really Enhance Athletic Performance?
Allen Hedrick
Should you use stability ball training in your sports performance training programs? Coach Allen Hedrick looks at the science of instability and its real impact on athletic performance to help you decide.
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Deep Squat Progression
Exercise Tips
Saying you need help is not saying you can't do it! It's believing you can and making sure you're accountable to get it done.
Program of the month

Band Training: Beginner Workout 1 of 3