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4 Big Mistakes that Clients Make with Recovery
Robert Yang
Anti-Rotational Training
Anthony Close

Dr. Anthony Close discusses the obliques, their function, and application in training and sports in his first article for PTontheNet.

Dangers of Dairy
Paul Eastwood

Paul educates us on the new apparent dangers of dairy products and provides some safe alternatives to our current calcium and protein sources.

A Corrective Exercise Strategy for the Forward Shoulder Posture
Evan Osar, D.C.
Active Recovery & Flexibility Training with Resistance Bands
Dave Schmitz
Dave Schmitz explains how developing an effective active stretching program that will lead to greater exercise success can easily be accomplished with continuously-looped resistance bands.
Cervical Stability and Strength
Robert Wood

In this article, Bob reviews the functional dynamics of cervical movement and provides specific exercise techniques to be used in cervical training protocols.

5 Joint Friendly Finishers
Ryan Ketchum
As a trainer and coach most of you have limited time and high expectations from your clients. If you hope to create some big changes in your clients’ physiques and help them reach those big goals you have to maximize your efforts in each and every session. This article focuses on the last few minutes of a session… The Finisher!
Exercise of the month

Hamstring – Straight Leg Internal Rotation Functional
Exercise Tips
Saying you need help is not saying you can't do it! It's believing you can and making sure you're accountable to get it done.
Program of the month

Band Training: Beginner Workout 2 of 3