Social Media Marketing for Fitness Professionals


ACE: 0.10, AFAA: 4.00, NASM: 0.40, PTAG: 1.00, PTontheNET: 1.00,

Net Profit Explosion

In this course presented by NPE, our Fitness Business Education partner, you’ll learn how to create effective social media marketing campaigns to help drive more lead traffic and sales.

A lot of fitness professionals (and business owners) think that you have to go to some incredible lengths to find new clients. That’s false. The truth is there are HUNDREDS of people already looking for YOU. You just have to know where and how to best position yourself so they can find you. One of the FASTEST ways to do that today is with social media marketing to bring new clients into your business… virtually overnight!

Exam Objectives:

  • Learn how to create effective social media marketing campaigns to help drive more lead traffic and sales
  • Learn to properly identify your target market and ideal client.
  • Understand the six steps to create winning Facebook ads that attract the perfect prospects to your business on a small budget of just $5 - $20.
  • Learn to convert Facebook likes to paying clients

Exam duration: 20 minutes

Number of exam questions: 15 questions

Passing score: 75%

Total exam attempts: 3

This exam consists of 15 questions Log in to take CEC Exam
IMPORTANT NOTE : CEC Exams are timed to ensure the highest integrity in the exam process. The time will display in the top right corner of each question. Responses to exam questions are automatically graded after the time expires. Exam question pages will time out if you remain on one page for more than 20 minutes and your session will be cancelled. Please DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser while you are taking this exam.
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