BOSU® Balance Trainer Power Programming


ACE: 0.20, AFAA: 4.00, NASM: 0.40, PTAG: 1.00, PTontheNET: 1.00,

 The BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. BOSU®® Balance Trainer Power Programming focuses on various methods to maximize the utility of this functional training balance product, apply relevant science, and progress and regress movement skills.

Exam Objectives:

  • Provide a brief overview of BOSU® Balance Trainer history.
  • Identify and apply the scientific foundation behind labile (unstable) surface and balance training.
  • Identify the performance purpose of both core and plyometric training and how to incorporate the BOSU® in these practices.
  • Become acquainted with exercises with the BOSU® Balance Trainer that can help alleviate knee pain.

Exam duration: 30 minutes

Number of exam questions: 26 questions

Passing score: 75%

Total exam attempts: 3

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