Insurance Coverage and Claims for Fitness Professionals


ACE: 0.20, AFAA: 4.00, NASM: 0.40, NSCA: 0.20, PTAG: 2.00, PTontheNET: 2.00,

Sport & Fitness Insurance Corporation

 Insurance is vitally important to your business because fitness professionals are at risk for claims every day. Claims can come from your actual actions, spoken words, a lack of proper instruction or several other exposures. These include personal injury, cyber liability and sexual abuse. This course gives a complete overview of the means by which fitness professionals can protect themselves plus it provides information on what type of coverage is needed and how much is necessary.

Exam Objectives:

  • Explain which tools fitness professionals can use to protect themselves from the claims that can arise from the types of exposures inherent to the fitness professional business.
  • Provide practical steps that can be taken by fitness professionals to reduce the risk for potential professional liability claims.
  • Present fundamental differences between a club or studio's coverage and a fitness professional's coverage.

Exam duration: 25 minutes

Number of exam questions: 19 questions

Passing score: 80%

Total exam attempts: 3

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