Indoor Rowing Technique and Programming


ACE: 0.10, AFAA: 1.00, canfitpro: 1.00, CI: 1.00, NASM: 0.10, PTAG: 1.00, PTontheNET: 1.00,

Indoor rowers are a staple in many gyms, much like the treadmill or elliptical; however, the indoor rower is often overlooked and seen as just another piece of equipment. This course provides a complete overview of how you can incorporate the indoor rower into your sessions with your clients and covers everything from how to affect a client’s lactic acid production with the damper setting to some of the most common faults in the rowing stroke to specific exercises that can help improve rowing stroke and performance.

Exam Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of rowing and basic set-up and guidelines 
  • Understand the four phases of the rowing stroke.
  • Learn how to simplify indoor rowing for your clients.
  • Identify the “seven deadly sins” of indoor rowing.
  • Demonstrate basic exercises that will aid in indoor rowing performance and durability.

This course includes the following content to study for the exam:

Article and Video:

  1. Indoor Rowing (Part 1): Set-up and Basic Guidelines by Pete Holman
  2. Indoor Rowing (Part 2): Common Faults by Pete Holman
  3. Indoor Rowing (Part 3): Strength Training to Enhance Performance by Pete Holman


  1. Jay Blahnik and Josh Crosby Use 3 Steps to Teach Clients to Row by Jay Blahnik & Josh Crosby

Exam duration: 15 minutes

Number of exam questions: 15 questions

Passing score: 75%

Allowed retakes for failed attempts: 3

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