Renewals & Referrals


Renewing is one of the most important steps in the training process as it solidifies the continuance of your services. This exam covers the basics of renewals as well as retention and its role in trainer services. Each session is an opportunity to build a relationship with your client and enhance their sessions through goal-setting and verbal and written feedback. Students will learn how to make every client’s interaction count at a session, effective motivational interviewing tips, how long-term language can affect renewals and how to turn re-assessments into renewals. Through renewals, trainers have the opportunity to gain and retain clients as long as they properly execute the strategies laid out for them.

This course includes the following content to study for the exam:


  1. 4 Make-or-Break Client Renewal Tips for Trainers by Darcie Burde
  2. Overcoming Obstacles to Client Retention by Annette Lang


  1. Taking the Guesswork Out of Client Renewals by Darcie Burde
  2. Why Long-Term Language is Critical to Client Retention by Annette Lang
  3. Increasing Client Retention, Part 1 by Justin Price & Mary Bratcher

Exam duration: 20 minutes

Number of exam questions: 13 questions

Passing score: 75%

Allowed retakes for failed attempts: 3

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IMPORTANT NOTE : CEC Exams are timed to ensure the highest integrity in the exam process. The time will display in the top right corner of each question. Responses to exam questions are automatically graded after the time expires. Exam question pages will time out if you remain on one page for more than 20 minutes and your session will be cancelled. Please DO NOT use the back button on your internet browser while you are taking this exam.
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