Lateral Lunge Torso Supported

Lateral Lunge Torso Supported

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Muscle Group(s): Abductors, Adductors, Biceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, Hips, Legs, Quadriceps |


  • Dynamic flexibility of the hip adductor complex
  • Decreases valgus stress at knee Mobilizes subtalar joint in the frontal and transverse planes


  • Place hands on chair or bench
  • Spread the feet apart until a slight stretch is felt in the adductors
  • Hinge from hip flexing torso forward so that spine is parallel to the floor
  • Shoulders are directly over the hands


  • Shift weight over one leg by flexing at the ankle, knee and hip
  • Spine continues to point forward so frontal plane motion is occurring at hip
  • Trail leg extends at the knee as the weight is shifted to other leg