Sitting Dip

Sitting Dip

Difficulty level: Beginner | Muscle Group(s): Arms, Back and Neck, Cervical, Deltoids, Pectorals, Rhomboids, Shoulders, Trapezius, Triceps |


  • Improves thoracic extension coupled with scapular adduction
  • Improves gleno-humeral external rotation
  • Coordinates elbow extension with scapular depression
  • Improves the flexibility of muscles of the anterior shoulder, chest wall and cervical flexors


  • Sit on a chair that allows for 90 degrees of hip and knee flexion
  • Place heels of palms on edge of seat next to hips
  • Flex through entire spine and allow pelvis to rotate posteriorly
  • Flex elbows


  • Rotate pelvis anteriorly to move up to ishial tuberosities
  • Extend elbows progressively in sync with pelvic motion
  • Extend cervical spine at the top of the movement and look up