Hamstring Curl - Supine with Stability Ball

Hamstring Curl - Supine with Stability Ball

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Muscle Group(s): Abdominals, Core, Glutes, Hamstrings, Legs, Spinal Erectors | Modality: Stability, Strength

Progression 1Progression 2


  • Good exercise to work the hamstring while controlling the lumbo pelvic hip complex.
  • Great movement to ‘teach’ the core / hips / thigh to stabilize while hamstrings are working concentrically/eccentrically.


  • Start by lying on back with arms outstretched and palms up.
  • Place heels on ball with toes pointing straight up.


  • Perform an abdominal draw-in and squeeze glutes to raise your hips from the floor.
  • Next, curl your heels toward your glutes by bending your knees.
  • Slowly return to the start position while maintaining level hips throughout the entire exercise.
  • Do not allow the feet to externally rotate while flexing the knees (keep toes pointing straight up).
  • Do not allow your hips to drop while flexing the knees. If your hips continue to drop, descend the progression by performing hip extension only.
  • Progressions: 1 leg kick, 1 leg diagonal kick Inertia progression: power ball – to cable – to tubing.