Crunch – with pelvic tilt

Crunch – with pelvic tilt

Difficulty level: Beginner | Muscle Group(s): Abdominals, Core, Obliques | Modality: Coordination, Strength


  • Good for individuals who want more hypertrophy and strength in the Rectus Abdominus.


  • Ensure the individual is proficient at a crunch before prescribing this exercise.


  • Lie supine on the ground with knees bent, feet flat and hands lightly supporting the head.
  • Initiate a posterior pelvic tilt as shown (rotate the pelvis backward) while rolling the thoracic spine off the ground up to a crunch.
  • Lower slowly and repeat.
  • TRAINERS: Watch for a forward head carriage, anterior collapsing of the shoulders and holding of the breath. These are indications that the exercise is too difficult and should be regressed.