Double Arm Swing - Kettlebell

Double Arm Swing - Kettlebell

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Muscle Group(s): Abdominals, Back, Back and Neck, Core, Deltoids, Glutes, Hamstrings, Latissimus Dorsi, Legs, Quadriceps, Rhomboids, Shoulders, Total Body, Trapezius | Modality: Power


  • Neuro-motor development.
  • Aerobic training effect with high caloric expenditure.
  • Power, functional strength, speed, coordination, timing, focus and injury prevention mechanisms.


  • Begin from a lowered squat position with both hands on the Kettlebell (KB) in between the legs.
  • Pull the KB back toward the thighs by rocking the bodyweight into the heels and brace wrists against inner thighs.


  • Powerfully extend lower body to accelerate the bottom of the KB up and away.
  • As it ascends, counterbalance the forward pull of the KB by shifting the bodyweight back.
  • As it descends along the same pathway, absorb the KB with the entire body.