Overhead Serratus Pulse

Overhead Serratus Pulse

Difficulty level: Beginner | Muscle Group(s): Core, Latissimus Dorsi, Pectorals, Total Body | Modality: Stability, Strength


  • This movement pattern is an excellent stability exercise to strengthen the shoulder complex.
  • Any athlete/individual that performs overhead actions on a regular basis (e.g., volleyball, construction worker, basketball, tennis, baseball pitcher, parent, etc.) would benefit greatly from this stability exercise.


  • Ensure that the hips are in line with knees and shoulders, and that the feet are shoulder-width apart and pointing straight.
  • Initiate a thorough dynamic warm-up prior to starting this exercise, this engages the nervous system.


  • This movement involves a stability ball bridge with a straight arm overhead pulse.
  • Assume a bridge position on the stability ball with very light, or no weight, in your hand (it is recommended that you start with no weight until the motion is learned – then it is suggested that small weights of approximately 1-2lbs be used).
  • Extend arms overhead keeping them straight.
  • Perform small pulses at a distance of about 15cm (6in) while the arms elevate from floor towards the ceiling, as shown.
  • TRAINERS: Ensure that no excessive curve is observed in the lumbar spine, this may indicate a lower or upper crossed syndrome and would require a corrective strategy be administered before this exercise can be done safely.