Squat - Shoulder Flexion with Medicine Ball

Squat - Shoulder Flexion with Medicine Ball

Difficulty level: Intermediate | Muscle Group(s): Core, Deltoids, Hamstrings, Legs, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Total Body | Modality: Dynamic Flexibility, Stability, Strength


  • A movement designed to dynamically stretch the entire kinetic chain.
  • Builds functional range of motion in the lumbar spine, pelvis, hips, and thighs as well as the shoulder complex.


  • Maintain good posture throughout the exercise with shoulder blades retracted and depressed, good stability through the abdominal complex, and neutral spine angles.
  • Initiate a thorough dynamic warm-up prior to starting this exercise; this engages the nervous system.


  • Start with a LIGHT medicine ball (MB) and perfect the movement before adding more load.
  • Begin with the feet shoulder-width apart, pointing straight ahead - MB in front of the pelvis, arms straight (as shown).
  • Squat down to a comfortable depth without compensations, maintaining the same arm position.
  • Simultaneously, slowly squat up to calf raise and flex the shoulder so the straight arm moves above the head.
  • In this position, reach up with the entire body as much as is comfortable ... slowly lower.
  • TRAINERS: Watch and correct: knees collapsing in, feet externally rotating, excessive forward bend in the trunk, and excessive lumbar lordosis when the arms are above the head.