1 leg PNF pattern with medicine ball

1 leg PNF pattern with medicine ball

Difficulty level: Advanced | Muscle Group(s): Abdominals, Adductor, Adductors, Core, Hips, Legs, Obliques, Quadriceps | Modality: Balance, Coordination, Stability, Strength

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  • This exercise provides in place neuromuscular control.
  • This is a practical full body exercise that integrates both upper- and lower-body movement upon a stable core.


  • Perform drawing-in and pelvis floor contractions.
  • Lift one leg off the floor and dorsiflex elevated ankle.
  • Keep feet parallel in frontal plane.
  • Maintain level hips.


  • Start in 1 leg squat position with arms straight holding medicine ball (MB).
  • Descend into 1 leg squat reaching MB towards floor on side of stable leg. While ascending out of squat position, turn shoulders towards elevated leg as you perform shoulder flexion and spine rotation with MB (as shown).
  • Retrace pattern on the descent and repeat.
  • Avoid turning at the hips or pronating at the knee and ankle.