Why Running Free Challenges and Programs Can Grow Your Business

Maurice Williams | 29 May 2019

I know, we are not supposed to give anything away for free as fitness professionals.

Time is money and money is time.

I get all of that.

However, think about this for a moment. Have you ever tried the free samples in the mall in the food court and then purchased a meal?

Have you ever tried a free smoothie sample at a health fair and then purchased the protein powder?

Have you ever had a free massage and then signed up for a 10 pack of massages for the future?

If so, then you do understand the power of free!

Today, I’d like to share with you three reasons why we as fitness professionals should be running free challenges and programs several times a year.

List Building

Every fitness professional should have a list. That list should consist of the following people:

  1. Current Clients
  2. Former Clients
  3. Prospects (those who have expressed some interest in working with you, but have not yet).
  4. Partners (strategic alliances like massage therapist, chiropractors, etc.).

Our list is where we nurture the people mentioned above. At least once/week (if not more), our list should be receiving communication from us.

In my respective business, I send out a general newsletter every Tuesday and a blog/education moment every Friday.

My purpose for this is twofold : 1. We want to become their fitness expert. 2. We want to be top of their mind when they (or someone they know) need our services.

One of the best ways to grow our list is through running free challenges and programs. For example, I run a 5-day nutrition reset that includes a suggested meal plan, recipes, a grocery shopping list and a Facebook support group.

Current Clients Can Bring Their Friends

Another way to get your current clients to refer you is to offer their sphere of influence something for free.

At my studio, we do several “bring a friend in for free for a week” programs.

This is always a win for each party because your current client gets to show off their trainer and facility where they are getting great results. It’s a win for the friend because they get a week of free fitness while working out with their friend!

Business Success is a Numbers Game

It takes several lead generation sources to be successful in the long run.

Facebook ads are not going to give you your return on investment for the cost we are currently paying.

Running free challenges and programs gives us another bucket to drop in names. The more buckets we have to drop names into, the more likely we will find those who are ready to work with us.


In conclusion, if you are not currently running free challenges and programs to grow your business or personal training list, I suggest you do.

Running free challenges and programs helps to:

  1. Grow our list.
  2. Bring in the friends of our current clients.
  3. Give us another resource to attract new clients.

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Maurice Williams

About the author: Maurice Williams

Maurice Williams offers a rare combination of advanced academic training, personal experience as a competitive athlete, and twenty years of experience in personal fitness and training. That combination –- a strong understanding of exercise and sport science and clinical exercise physiology, the determination of a competitive athlete, and broad fitness experience –- makes Maurice uniquely effective in helping his clients meet their health and fitness goals. He has a BS in Exercise/Sport Science from Elon University and an MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Ohio University.

Experience that makes a difference for you
Recognized as a Master Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and an Elite Personal Fitness Trainer by IDEA, Maurice can help you no matter what your age, condition, or fitness goals. He works with women between the ages of 35-50 who are looking to regain the energy and look that they had in their 20’s and 30’s so they will not be frustrated and upset with themselves when they look in the mirror. He also is certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist & Fitness Nutrition Specialist by NASM, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a Barefoot Training Specialist-Level 1 through EBFA, a Fitness Nutrition Coach-Level 1 through Precision Nutrition and a Master Instructor for NASM & Most-Fit. As a fitness educator with his own education company, Move Well Fit Academy, Maurice teaches the Certified Personal Trainer course through NASM.

Smart Training that Produces Results
Maurice exercises his clients through the concept of functional training – focusing on everyday body movements, not muscles, in a progressive fashion to allow for optimal improvements in everyday activities, such as walking and lifting, as well as helping contribute to weight loss, increased stamina and strength. Maurice has helped people match exercise to their specific health challenges, too, including diabetes, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, lower back pain, pulmonary issues, and pregnancy. His personal training studio, Move Well Fitness, specializes in 30-minute, semi-private (3-5 people) personal group training sessions that action packed with results driven programs. 

The Right Values
Maurice believes “Everyone has fitness is them, the challenge is bringing the fitness out.” His current workout includes resistance training, cardio and yoga. A former high school and collegiate athlete, Maurice grew up in South Carolina with roots that reach back to Brooklyn, NY. An avid sports fan, he still roots for Elon and his favorites, the Miami Hurricanes and the UNC Tarheels. A leader in his church, husband with a beautiful wife (just ask him) and father of four children, Maurice brings the right values to his work and his clients – a shared commitment to good health and fitness, an honest determination, and an understanding of what it takes to meet difficult challenges.

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