Top 5 Reasons to Have Customer Surveys

Natalie Davis | 26 Jan 2018

Customer surveys are all over our inboxes. It seems like every day, one organization or another is requesting feedback and offering tantalizing incentives for doing so; one company may offer a 50% discount on the next purchase, while the next may offer entry into a raffle to win an iPad. You may wonder, why are so many companies going through the trouble and expense of collecting my feedback? Well, the answer is simple: they want to become an even better company, one to which you and many others will remain loyal and supportive. If YOU want insights into the health of your business, or are looking for a way to improve, then ask the people who helped build it- your clients.

Collecting and using customer feedback is a high-leverage way of taking your business to the next level. Skillful survey creation, administration, and analysis is crucial. You may need to hire someone or do some extensive research on how to prepare a reliable survey. Furthermore, customers will feel better and be more honest if they’re giving their answers to a third-party and not yourself.

If you don’t have experience in retrieving data or knowing to extract pertinent information from a survey, you may need to hire someone, or do some extensive research on how to prepare a reliable survey. Remember the mission of the survey is to gain information on how to improve the customer experience. Specifics, like true/false, multiple choice, and short answers will matter, and customers feel better if they’re giving their answers to a third-party and not yourself. Once the survey is prepared, determining how to hand out the surveys will affect the number of responses. Electronic, telephone, or by hand are the top three ways to give a survey. Depending on your demographic, one method will be better than others. Either way, a survey is a necessary need for any business development!

Here are my 5 reasons why customer feedback is necessary in every business:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
    • Gives the client an opportunity to raise any complaints that they want to address.
    • Instant feedback on any blind spots or selling points that have escaped your notice.
    • This level of detail shows your clients you care.
  2. Increase customer retention
    • Their unbiased approach provides you an opportunity to really pay attention to their comments and concerns.
    • You can understand and fix their dissatisfaction before they leave.
    • Learn how to create a consistent, personalized experience for each client. This will ensure loyalty and they will ignore attempts from other solicitors.
  3. Up-to-date business report card
    • Creating the survey will force you to quantify the indicators you will use to assess the health of your business, giving you more insights into your business model.
    • Their feedback informs your if your product or service meets or surpasses customers’ expectations.
    • Answers the question “how do I compare with the competition? Why should someone choose my business?” Use this information to - you can adjust pricing or manufacturing to remain competitive.
    • Results will show you what you’re already doing well so that you can highlight these victories and build upon them!
    • Positive customer testimonials are invaluable. Leverage these in your marketing!
  4. Important data on “how” to improve your business
    • Gives insights on how your business operations are running from the client’s perspective - you may be surprised by the products and services that they value most.
    • You can make necessary changes before your reputation is tarnished.
    • The survey gives tangible data on what the next best business decisions should be.
  5. Gain new ideas and insights for business development
    • Ask the clients in the survey how to improve products or services to make them happier.
    • Ask the clients what other products they have a need for. This will help determine what your clients will buy in the future.
    • Determine the future lifestyle needs of your clients based on their demographics (age, marital status, income, etc.).
    • The survey and data will give you a fresh new way to think about your business and open a creative space for you to innovate and grow!
    • Build some mutually beneficial relationships with the clients who made great reviews about you and ask them for a referral. This will expand the business with other like-minded individuals.

Which of these is most compelling? What else do you think a feedback survey can help you achieve? What tips do you have for other personal trainers and business owners? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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