Social Media Tips For Fitness Professionals: January 2012

Ben Greenfield | 23 Jan 2012

Welcome to this month’s edition of “Social Media for Fitness Professionals”! Each month, I bring you three of the latest developments in the world of online social media, explain what each new development means for you as a fitness professional, and tell you how to take advantage of these trends to grow your business and communicate with your clients.

Here are the top 3 social media announcements for January 2012:

#1: Gamification Catching On

Check out this interesting graphic about the emerging importance of “gamification.” By using technology to provides your customers or clients with badges, rewards, prizes and points, you can vastly improve their interaction with your service or product.

I recently interviewed Benjamin Young, whose Nexercise app rewards fitness activities. And at Endurance Planet, users can log in, share their race story, and receive special points, awards and votes from sharing.

How can you gamify your business? Think about it.

#2: Facebook announces Sponsored Stories to show in News Feeds

Let’s say somebody likes your business Facebook page or interacts with a comment on your Facebook page

Did you know that you can start an ad in Facebook that will display that interaction to all that user’s friends? And now, Facebook is allowing that to show prominently in the News Feed.

I’ve personally been using this at, and it works like a more users like and comment, it shows up more and more on other users’ pages. I currently pay about .08 per click for this – basically a few bucks a day.

#3: Turn Your Gymgoers or Clients Into Social Media Promoters with Incentibox

At Incentibox, you can run contests in your gym or studio, or on your website, and give away special prizes and packages to folks who do the best promotion for your service online via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Best of all, Incentibox is free! I recommend you check it out now, and experiment with a new campaign.

Do you have questions or feedback? Leave them below!

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Ben Greenfield

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Ben is a fitness business coach, triathlon author, and sports nutritionist. He was voted in 2008 as the Personal Trainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Ben is Director of Sports Performance and oversees the physiology and biomechanics laboratory at Champions Sports Medicine in Spokane, Washington, which offers metabolic-based weight loss, bicycle fitting, running gait analysis, swim stroke analysis, VO2 max testing, blood lactate testing, resting metabolic rate analysis and more.

Ben now competes as the #1 ranked triathlete for Triathlon Northwest. As an author of multiple books on fitness, metabolism, and diet, Ben specializes in nutrition, weight loss, triathlete analysis, coaching, and endurance athlete program design. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from University of Idaho in sports science and exercise physiology.

Ben is a frequent contributor to the outdoor sports magazine OutThere Monthly and has been featured in the Spokesman-Review, Inlander magazine, In-Health magazine and Inside Triathlon magazine. As a public speaker on fitness, nutrition, and training, Ben has been the keynote lecturer at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships Medical Conference, the Coeur D’Alene Ironman Medical Conference, Fleet Feet Sports Endurance Sports Clinic and REI Nutrition Clinic. Ben is the owner of Pacific Elite Fitness, an online multi-sport coaching and training service and also sits on the board of directors for Tri-Fusion triathlon team and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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