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Teri Gentes | 09 Mar 2014

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Oh sure we all know this just like we know the importance of knowing ourselves, how we operate and why we procrastinate or self-sabotage as we so often do. We know that there is not one diet or miracle pill, potion or procedure that will save our skins. What are we to do? What advice are we giving our clients?

What I’ve learned from my own experience and with clients is that we need to be crystal clear about our intentions (diet and health objectives); realistic about our present lifestyle; and aware of how much we really mean it when we say we want better health. Goals aren’t likely to manifest without actual movement towards them.

Often our thoughts and goals are totally incongruent with our words and actions. While our word is powerful and carries with it potent energy, it pales in comparison to our actions. You’ve likely heard, “words speak louder than actions.” Yet, when it comes to experiencing tangible health and wellbeing results, we need to partner up our healthier intentions with healthier actions.

“The distance between who I am and who I want to be is separated only by my actions.”

Ask your clients to consider this: What are they saying and what are they doing? Do these two energies support one another? If not, how can they make this happen? 

I happen to have an idea – how about start out with a plan. If your clients want to go somewhere, they need to know where that somewhere is and then determine just how to get there. Super simple tips you can share with your clients…

  • Choose your destination – healthier eating! (No more 911 meals – you’re in a 411 state!)
  • ‘Map out’ (yes, pun intended) your path. In this case it’s a meal plan; menus; and a collection of your fave easy go-to recipes. Refer to this PTontheNet article for ideas: Mastering Menu Planning and Incredible Everyday Eating
  • Create a shopping list and stock up on what you need.
  • Then, begin your food/menu prep work and voila, you are on your way to healthier eating!

Eating out? Use an app such as for listings of restaurants in your area providing healthier foods.

Preparing in advance enables us to do what we intend to do, so junk the excuses and get going.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!" - W.H. Murray

It’s not rocket science. Everything is about choice and action bringing about results. Cause and effect – a theory I’m sure you are familiar with. Even not choosing is choosing. What is it your clients want to achieve? Better health via healthier eating? Encourage them to get to the doing: map out a plan, collect healthy recipes, shop for great ingredients, prep meals and voila… they’re doing it.

Once they start the ball rolling it is sooo much easier to keep it going.

Prep, Prep, Prep!

Easy tips on food prep to help your clients get started:

  • Set aside weekend time and draft your meal plan for the upcoming week.
  • Assemble recipes as needed and shop for the supplies.
  • Prepare at least a few meals in advance – maybe your entire weeks’ worth.
  • Get all produce ready for the meals you’ll make impromptu. It’s easier to pull meals together quickly when your ingredients are ready.
  • Freeze items as needed. For example: 5 days’ worth of smoothie ingredients in a zip lock bag;  various veggies, bags for a soup, stew, stir-fry and recipes you’ve doubled for future weeks. Cooking larger quantities than needed and freezing meal size portions saves time and avoids stress.
  • When chopping/prepping: Use kitchen tools (blender/processor/mandolin to prepare larger amounts of veggies, garlic, sauces, marinades etc.) and invite family members to help. Meal time is family time and even toddlers can help wash produce and draw pictures to remind parents to take food out of the freezer.

Help your clients change their perspective with meal planning and preparation so they can make it a joyful experience and a wonderful expression of self-care and memory of family time shared! 

To your health – Sante!

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Teri Gentes

About the author: Teri Gentes

Teri Gentes is an international speaker, educator, lifestyle coach, recipe developer and cooking instructor with over years of experience. Her seminars, workshops, personalized programs and progressive, transitional approach have enabled thousands of clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles. Teri walks and talks wellness and specializes in healthy everyday living with a provocative, practical and engaging style, inspiring action.  She makes healthier habits easy, enjoyable and when it comes to food, truly delicious.  Follow her on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In and join her clean eating programs and seasonal detoxes.

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Marchand, Nancy | 21 Mar 2014, 14:23 PM

Teri, all great ideas and great advice. Thank you.