Reactive Variability Training with Core-Tex

Giovanni Roselli | 03 Sep 2019

Whenever asked to try a new piece of equipment, three good questions to ask are:
“Is this product unique?”
“Can I perform drills with this that I cannot with other pieces of equipment?”
“What are the potential benefits to my clients and myself?

When it comes to the Core-Tex, the answers are all ...

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Overcoming the Issue of Time

Paul Hooper | 26 Aug 2019

It is a common obstacle these days that there is never enough time in the day. We often cry time poor due to long workdays, family commitments, and just life in general.

So how do we manage our time better to ensure we are looking after ourselves by getting in ...

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Upper Body, Posterior Chain Exercises Everybody Should Do

Maurice Williams | 21 Aug 2019

We live in a world where technology has become advanced. From the smart phone, to the tablet and to the laptop, every device is designed to make our lives easy. However, in making our lives easier, technology has done a number on our bodies, especially our posture.

If you don’t ...

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The Anatomy of a Fitness Challenge

Trinity Perkins | 13 Aug 2019

A fitness challenge is a predetermined amount of time dedicated to improving or exploring any aspect of health, fitness or wellness. Well-designed fitness challenges can help inspire fitness enthusiasts of all levels to try new workouts, clean up their diet and practice mindfulness, all while sparking their competitive side ...

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Dean Hodgkin | 29 Jul 2019

Separating the wheat from the chaff on the current fitness industry hot topic

The recent rapid and wide-spread growth of the boutique fitness sector has been greatly attributed to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it appears no trainer is worth his or her salt unless deploying this, reportedly, most ...

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