How and When to Raise Your Hourly Personal Training Rates

Trinity Perkins | 20 May 2019

When was the last time you raised your hourly personal training rates? How would raising your rates impact your business?

All businesses progress through a series of changes where a rate increase is necessary. But raising your rates can be a scary task; maybe one you’ve been avoiding for a ...

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New For Old

Dean Hodgkin | 15 May 2019

Tips to take advantage of the potentially lucrative seniors’ market.

The senior population presents a huge pool of potential clients for the commercially minded trainer, often with more disposable income than their younger counterparts. However, beyond pure market forces, there is a mission here that the fitness industry should really ...

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All About Retention

Bob Wells | 06 May 2019

Our society is fascinated by the concept of newness. Whether it’s acquiring that new smartphone with all of its great new functions, the new car and the attached new car smell, or new house, we lose our collective minds in the pursuit of newness.

Unfortunately, we also see this mindset ...

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Why Avoided the Group Exercise Studio is Damaging Your PT Business

Dean Zweck | 15 Apr 2019

Say the words Group Exercise to most PTs and it conjures up images of lycra-wearing females rhythmically exercising around a studio on a step obediently and expertly following their class instructor. Now this may have been in the 80s, but it certainly isn’t now, and provides an excellent place ...

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Creating Better Connections with your Clients

Kevin Mullins | 29 Mar 2019

Your clients care about your credentials, but only to a point. More times than not, a client is hiring the person they meet. They are hiring you; your personality, your physical stature, and your confidence. They need to feel like they can trust you, will enjoy working with you, ...

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