The Anatomy of a Fitness Challenge

Trinity Perkins | 13 Aug 2019

A fitness challenge is a predetermined amount of time dedicated to improving or exploring any aspect of health, fitness or wellness. Well-designed fitness challenges can help inspire fitness enthusiasts of all levels to try new workouts, clean up their diet and practice mindfulness, all while sparking their competitive side ...

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Dean Hodgkin | 29 Jul 2019

Separating the wheat from the chaff on the current fitness industry hot topic

The recent rapid and wide-spread growth of the boutique fitness sector has been greatly attributed to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it appears no trainer is worth his or her salt unless deploying this, reportedly, most ...

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Dealing with Otherness

Bob Wells | 22 Jul 2019

When most of us look out across the table, the room, or street, the color of someone’s skin, the style of clothes that they wear, or the sound of their voice can make us nervous if they are not a mirror to ourselves. This fear often leads us to ...

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The Ladder Approach to Program Design

Kevin Mullins | 15 Jul 2019

One could argue that a personal trainer’s greatest task is to deliver a safe workout session. Sure, our clients are paying us for results, and yes, they absolutely should enjoy their time with you. But no other priority should be higher on your list than ensuring that your training ...

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Survive or Thrive as a PT: The Choice is Yours

Dean Zweck | 08 Jul 2019

The PT Industry is tough! Even if you are one of the fortunate 57% to make it past 4 months, and then one of the 30% who make it past one year, the average salary for a PT in the UK is a lowly £19,591 (; however, the average ...

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