The Ladder Approach to Program Design

Kevin Mullins | 15 Jul 2019

One could argue that a personal trainer’s greatest task is to deliver a safe workout session. Sure, our clients are paying us for results, and yes, they absolutely should enjoy their time with you. But no other priority should be higher on your list than ensuring that your training ...

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Survive or Thrive as a PT: The Choice is Yours

Dean Zweck | 08 Jul 2019

The PT Industry is tough! Even if you are one of the fortunate 57% to make it past 4 months, and then one of the 30% who make it past one year, the average salary for a PT in the UK is a lowly £19,591 (; however, the average ...

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Hidden Calories and How to Find Them

Paul Hooper | 17 Jun 2019

Through many years of evolution, the foods available to us in supermarkets and online have become vast, varied and creative.

Nowadays, the terms ‘low carb’, ‘zero carb’, ‘low fat’ and ‘low calories’ are all too common, but are they truly what they seem?

The inclusion of sugars in many foods we ...

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Don’t We Already Know This Stuff?

Giovanni Roselli | 10 Jun 2019

As commencement season is in full swing, I want to take a moment to congratulate all of the recent graduates. You have all gone through vigorous years of hard work; having studied, made presentations, passed exams, completed internships, and are now ready for the next step – “The Real ...

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Why Running Free Challenges and Programs Can Grow Your Business

Maurice Williams | 29 May 2019

I know, we are not supposed to give anything away for free as fitness professionals.

Time is money and money is time.

I get all of that.

However, think about this for a moment. Have you ever tried the free samples in the mall in the food court and then purchased a ...

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