So You Wanna Be A Presenter?

Giovanni Roselli | 17 Mar 2020

It is still very ironic to me that I’ve gotten to a point in my life and career where I present and speak on a regular basis. I could not have been any more shy growing up. Additionally, I had a HUGE fear of public speaking. Fast forward many ...

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S.A.Q.: The Underappreciated Cardio

Maurice Williams | 10 Mar 2020

Cardio exercise has changed over the years. I can remember when people wanted to improve their aerobic conditioning and they did it in one of four ways: an aerobics class, going for a long walk, swimming at the local Y.M.C.A., or going to their local gym to do cardio ...

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Breaking Down the Roadblocks in a Clients Diet

Paul Hooper | 05 Mar 2020

When first assessing a new client’s diet, the common question that is often asked is ‘how’s your diet?’ or ‘how’s your nutrition?’. The overwhelming response is simply ‘good’ or ‘I eat pretty good’.

This can mean several things; however, odds are they assume they are eating well, but in truth, ...

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DIG DEEP: Finding the right motivation mix for your clients

Dean Hodgkin | 17 Dec 2019

There’s clearly a direct correlation between how motivated your clients are and the likelihood of them achieving the results they desire. However, it’s not as simple as just advising them to stick a photo of their ideal beach body on the fridge, but rather motivation is a rich tapestry ...

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Three Simple Questioning Techniques to Help you get More Sales

Dean Zweck | 25 Nov 2019

The human race has never been this unfit and sick. Personal trainers are in a prime position to have the biggest impact on an individual’s health. Yet many personal trainers are struggling to get clients, while the population grows more fat, more unhealthy and less fit.

The situation is bleak, ...

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