Clients and Patience

Paul Hooper | 06 Oct 2020

In the fast-moving world of Health & fitness, where social media seems to dictate people’s way of thinking, patience is a trait that many struggle with given how much emphasis and marketing is put around 8 week challenges and the like. 

As professional trainers, we know patience and time ...

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Working Out vs Training with Purpose

Andrew Props | 01 Oct 2020

We have all seen those people at the gym who seem to always be there, but they never seem to get any stronger, lose any weight or have increased performance. They are always covered in sweat and trying to catch their breath. But what are they doing wrong? Most ...

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Becoming a Leader in your Fitness Facility

Kevin Mullins | 25 Sep 2020

Contrary to every motivational speech you would find in popular media, leadership is not necessarily loud.  We have all seen an athlete deliver a passionate pre-game speech or marveled at an actor’s monologue in an award-winning film. They are accelerated, in-your-face, and deeply emotional. Powerful analogies captivate, physical ...

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Three Pieces of Equipment Every Studio Owner Should Have and Why

Maurice Williams | 23 Sep 2020

There is not a shortage of a variety of fitness equipment. Whatever your heart's desire is, there is probably a piece of equipment for it. 

If you train athletes, you probably have a squat rack and S.A.Q (speed, agility and quickness) toys. If you train seniors, you probably have ...

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Five Star Service

Dean Hodgkin | 17 Sep 2020

Customer service has changed dramatically in the last few years. Much of this is due to technological advances with many of your clients possibly interacting more with various devices and platforms than with other people. This implies that in order to succeed, you really need to pivot to digital ...

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