Janette Roberts

Jan Roberts has spent almost 40 years in the health care industry, 25 of those working in the area of women’s reproductive health. She is a pharmacist with a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition and the Australian representative for Foresight the British Association famous for its work in promoting preconception health care. As co-author of the international best selling books The Natural Way to Better Babies, Better Pregnancy, Better Birth & Bonding and Better Breastfeeding, Jan has presented "preconception" and "wellness" workshops and seminars to the general public and health professionals around Australia and NZ since 1987. She has made frequent appearances on radio and TV and is a regular contributor to various magazines and journals. <br><br>

Jan was the co-founder of one of the first Wellness Centres in Australia, later becoming the Director of Integrative Medicine at Spa Chakra - Australia’s premier day spa where she developed programs for preconception, anti-ageing, vitality and longevity. Now as Director of Well4life, she provides educational material and complementary programs, services and products that support clients in their quest for total health and wellbeing. <br><br>

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