James Caan

James Caan left school at 16, and rather than joining the family business, he decided to go it alone, taking office and retail jobs until he found his forte in recruitment. In 1985, he set up the Alexander Mann Group, one of the UK's leading HR outsourcing companies, and achieved a turnover of £130m before selling it to a private equity firm in 2002. James also co-founded an executive headhunting firm with partner Doug Bougie, which they successfully expanded globally through its Humana International brand, growing to over 147 offices across 30 countries before it was bought by a New York-listed company. A graduate of Harvard Business School's prestigious Advanced Management Program, in 2003 Caan was named PricewaterhouseCoopers' Entrepreneur of the Year and was recently a Resident Entrepreneur Mentor for MBA students at London Business School. In 2006, the James Caan Foundation was set up to help children in both the Western and developing world. James supports the NSPCC's full stop campaign as well as being involved in a number of educational charities, helping deprived children in the UK and India to get a good education.

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