What Women Want: Attracting and Retaining the Female Client

by Mary Bratcher |   Date Released : 21 Jul 2016
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Mary Bratcher

About the author: Mary Bratcher

Mary Bratcher (MA, DipLC) is a Wellness Coach with nearly 20 years of counseling experience. She incorporates concepts from psychology and life coaching to help people develop better strategies for dealing with life's demands. She uses a practical, solution-based approach to life that helps people identify, approach, and resolve problematic issues. Mary has worked as a life coach in many countries including North America, England, and New Zealand. She specializes in small business development and resolution of psychological factors that contribute to musculoskeletal pain.

Mary is a published author, professional speaker, media consultant, and faculty member for the American Council on Exercise. She is also an Associate Director of Content for PTontheNET and a member of the PTA Global Board of Directors. Mary has developed numerous continuing education courses for fitness professionals and is the co-creator of The BioMechanics Method™ educational program which provides exercise solutions for chronic pain (www.thebiomechanicsmethod.com). She is also the co-owner of The BioMechanics, a San Diego-based facility that specializes in helping people alleviate muscle and joint pain.

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Bratcher, Mary | 29 Aug 2016, 20:11 PM

Thanks for the feedback, Barry!
Kind regards,

Hoven, Barry | 09 Aug 2016, 17:36 PM

It all makes sense to me

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