Weight Training for Women

by Clare Rooney |   Date Released : 09 May 2012
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Clare Rooney

About the author: Clare Rooney

Clare is a former competitive athlete who, just six weeks after taking up Olympic weightlifting, broke all the division’s records. She is a personal trainer based in Ireland.

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Sinitiere, Nick | 05 Jul 2012, 15:29 PM

Solid article, and well said. Thanks for the emphasis regarding females and hypertrophy of muscular tissue. A 'wives tale' that needs to finally be put to bed.

I would have liked to have heard more emphasis on things like joint laxity, 1st rib angle/t-spine mobility, Q-angle, and lack of endurance while being eccentrically loaded. Issues like this definitely draw a clear distinct line in the sand in regards to program design for males and females and should be given adequate diligence. Not to mention the influx of issues hormonal differences in and of themselves, phsychologically speaking, will bring to the table.

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