Vibration Training for the Postnatal Client

by Jennifer Burrell |   Date Released : 29 Sep 2010
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Jennifer Burrell

About the author: Jennifer Burrell

Jenny Burrell is a leading UK practitioner, innovator and educator in the field of pregnancy and post natal fitness and health. She is the founder of Burrell Education, a unique REPs endorsed fitness professional education company that specializes in education for fitness professionals seeking the most up-to-date, well-researched and proven methods for keeping moms and moms-to-be fit and healthy during this challenging life phase. Jenny writes, researches and lectures on both pregnancy and post natal exercise and recently joined forces with Power Plate International to create and deliver a hugely successful Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription workshop specially tailored for trainers using the Power Plate.

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Boyle, AManda | 01 Dec 2010, 20:05 PM

Jenny ,

Brilliant as always ! Love the new progressions too. Fu Fu Power


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