Undulating Periodization - Part 1

by Allen Hedrick |   Date Released : 02 Feb 2009
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Allen Hedrick

About the author: Allen Hedrick

Allen Hedrick, M.A., CSCS*D, Registered Coach, FNSCA, is the head strength and conditioning coach at Colorado State University – Pueblo. Prior to being hired at CSU – Pueblo Hedrick worked for three years at the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Before that Hedrick was employed at the United States Air Force Academy for 12 years, the last nine years as head strength and conditioning coach at that institution. Prior to going to work at the Air Force Academy Hedrick worked for three years as the head strength and conditioning coach at the United States Olympic Training Center. Hedrick graduated from Chico State University with a B.A., and from Fresno State University with an M.A. Hedrick has been published numerous times on a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning, has authored a book on training for football, written chapters in two text books, published a number of DVD’s on various topics related to the profession, and has spoken often at both national and international conferences and clinics.

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Alexander, Kevin | 09 Mar 2010, 03:35 AM

After reading this article I am very interested in the idea of Undulating Periodization but I have questions in regards to such a training style. How many weeks/months do you continue to rotate between endurance/hypertrophy, strength, and power/speed? If your athlete is only doing each of the styles of training once a week, how can you overload from week to week? I guess what I am asking is how long can an athlete continually increase performance without being exhausted? If Undulating Periodization is the changing between goals of the workout daily, looking ahead how long do you keep your athlete on this program?

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