Training the Pregnant Athlete, Part 1: A Summary of the Research

by Carmen Bott |   Date Released : 29 Nov 2010
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Carmen Bott

About the author: Carmen Bott

Carmen Bott, MSc. B.H.K., CSCS, is the founder of Human Inc. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and a master’s degree in Science, focusing on human performance and adaptation to training. Carmen lectures internationally on topics related to athlete performance enhancement. She has authored her first book, “Building a Strong Foundation ~ How to Train the Endurance Athlete in the Gym.” Part time, Carmen is employed as a Human Kinetics Instructor and writes for over 20 websites and publications around the world. She is passionate about educating other enthusiastic health and fitness professionals.

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Afek-Eitam, Ifat | 17 Jun 2014, 14:18 PM

It is a great summary, thank you!

Aken, Nikki | 23 Feb 2011, 18:34 PM

Great article, thank you :)

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