The Relationship between Posture, Stability, and Mobility

by Bill Fabrocini |   Date Released : 15 Jan 2016
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Bill Fabrocini

About the author: Bill Fabrocini

Bill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance coach based out of the Aspen Club in Aspen, Colorado. He currently works and consults with many professional athletes and teams to improve performance and prevent injuries. He is also the former education director of Aspen Core Fitness, the company that produced the TRX Rip Trainer. He is the author of numerous publications and DVDs addressing movement and performance. He most recently designed the exercise program and produced the DVD for the highly anticipated book, The Younger Next Year Exercise Program, the sequel to the NY Times best seller. Bill is also a frequent presenter at medical and fitness symposiums around the country and is the founder of the Aspen Sports Summit. that will take place again on Sept. 9-10, 2016.

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