The Lunge: Form Versus Function, Part 1: Screening

by Robert Wood |   Date Released : 24 Jan 2011
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Robert Wood

About the author: Robert Wood

Since qualifying as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Bob Wood has spent many years running a successful private practice, and he also has a functional training studio. He has produced numerous articles on all aspects of health and fitness, which have been published in magazines, national newspapers and radio. He has contributed to fitness books, medical textbooks and other media. Bob's passion is the field of motor development, physical training and long-term athlete development, designing and presenting resources to be used in education, rehab and sport. He is also involved in developing children’s physical education and core movement skills at a national curriculum level. He is no more than an average golfer, an enthusiastic but uncultured tennis player and barely competes in amateur motor racing.

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Comments (2)

Lawler, Bridget | 02 Feb 2011, 21:55 PM

the more research that comes out on functionalized trianing, the more I would agree with "warming-up" the system the way it is going to be used. In the case of higher intensity training, using active warm-ups (after proper myo-fascial release) may have better results than "passive stretching".

Moon, Jim | 28 Jan 2011, 14:26 PM

this makes me think that active stretching is even more usefull than passive.

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