The Hard Work Vs. Talent Revelation in Training

by Martin Rooney |   Date Released : 01 Nov 2010
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Martin Rooney

About the author: Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney is a Performance Enhancement Specialist with a Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Furman University. <br><br>

Martin is a licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey and is certified as a NSCA-CSC and NASM-CPT. He has also been certified in Active Release Technique for the upper extremity and certified in the lower extremity by the Institute of Flexibility Sciences. <br><br>

Martin has lectured for Perform Better, the College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, the University of Alabama, the ACSM and NSCA. He has been commissioned by Nike to run speed testing camps at a number of major universities. Martin has been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports Net, the NFL Network and in the Sporting News. He has written two training texts called Train to Win and Training for Warriors and also co-authored two other books on the 40 yard dash and the vertical jump. Martin has produced a 10-part DVD series on the Parisi Training Method. He has also travelled internationally to conduct seminars and help prepare world class fighters for competitions such as Pride, the UFC and the Abu Dhabi World Submission Grappling Championships. <br><br>

In addition to training many world champion martial artists, Martin has also been a speed and conditioning consultant to the New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona State University and Oregon State University as well as other athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA and WNBA. He has trained numerous Olympians including one gold and four silver medalists. Currently, Martin is the director of the Parisi Speed School. <br><br>

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Comments (2)

Briones Jr, Johnny | 07 Nov 2010, 03:25 AM

Exactly. I agree with this article strongly. My teacher was talking about that the top athletes are top athletes because of genetics. That is completely untrue and me as an athlete myself see and experience the hours of hard training and practice put into our sport. Those who put in the time to practice and train improve and those who don't don't do as well. She also said how the marathon runners who place 1st is because its genetics. Saying how us average people will never be able to go to that level because its genetics. They are born to be runners. That is completely untrue because those 1st place runners train hard for hours and hours to get to that level. Once again I strongly agree and would also like to learn more about it.

Hackleman, Anita | 03 Nov 2010, 23:15 PM

Love it! Want to read more!

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