Strategic Protein Intake for Enhanced Athletic Performance

by Lindsey Ormond |   Date Released : 17 Feb 2012
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Lindsey Ormond

About the author: Lindsey Ormond

Lindsey is a registered nutritionist currently working both freelance and in the food industry in the UK. Lindsey is passionate about sport, exercise and the influence nutrition can play on enhancing training gains and performance. She completed the International Olympic Committee’s diploma in Sports Nutrition in 2009. Lindsey’s personal interests are running, cycling and sport that will take her outdoors.

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Sinitiere, Nick | 03 Apr 2012, 17:15 PM

While you may be scientifically accurate regarding the 'X's and O's' of protein synthesis, the bioavailability of protein and the effects of quality, etc., I am still regularly shocked at how little diligence is given to the science of Metabolism. (I do realize 'metabologists' don't exist yet).

You barely touched on it when mentioned that some genetical influences can and do effect how protein interacts with each respective biological/biochemical system.

What about oxidation rate? What if someone is a slow oxidizer, or fast oxidizer? How would this effect their protein consumption, synthesis and utilization?

What about the acidity vs. alkaline balance regarding their digestive enzymes? Would this not STRONGLY effect what happens to that protein when they drink/eat it?

Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of chalking these concerns up to 'well that's just your opinion', as I am speaking from a factual scientific base.

Articles about protein supplements these days are rampant, however this doesn't mean the 'school of thought' is accurate. As a whole in our industry, regarding nutrition, it seems that we are building a house without even having looked at the foundation.

The 'status quo' of our industry MUST evolve.

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