Sleep, Water & Food

by Noah Hittner |   Date Released : 15 Dec 2003
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Noah Hittner

About the author: Noah Hittner

In his time in the health and fitness industry, Noah Hittner worked with a wide range of clientele—from the high school athlete to the senior citizen. This experience, in great part, still inspires his work today. Now, years past his days as a fitness professional, Noah has turned his focus to writing and music. His books and songs explore the process of human consciousness and the quest for personal freedom. Noah now approaches his work, as well as his life, with self-honesty as his first intention and his top priority. It is with this intention in mind that he aims to connect with the lives of as many people as possible in an inspiring and empowering way.

Noah's books include The Modern-Day Buddha, Beyond Victim and Villain, and Something to Give Back.

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Comments (4)

Gatner, Jaime | 22 Apr 2011, 21:18 PM

I have heard many times about the benefits to drinking water with a small amount of sea salt. I can`t imagine how anyone could see it an unwise piece of advice. When it is given as advice it must be assumed that the person you suggest it to already has health enough in mind that they don`t consume over processed high sodium foods. Eating a natural diet keeps you within salt requirements and adding a tiny bit to your water wont do you any harm.

It would be unwise to suggest specific tweaks to someone that hasn`t yet mastered their basic diet requirements.

Magedera, Carl | 20 Mar 2010, 22:47 PM

Of course sleep is important, but 9 to 10 hours a night? And this lights out stuff? Not in this day an age, would be a social and personal nightmare, completely impractical! to drink water with salt seems an unwise presription for all to follow, let alone putting forth a blueprint that diagnoses certain illnesses as the result of a lack of water! And what the heck is DNA trauma?
Metabolic typing is for the birds, but there is some sense to it, but on balance it is an unnecessary and arbitary distinction, that will become just another passing fad.

Murphy, Corey | 02 Dec 2009, 13:25 PM

This article is indeed an eye opener. Thanks for posting it!

Clubley, James | 15 Oct 2009, 06:29 AM

Thanks for this really intresting eye opening article.
I will definatley be checking out the recommended reading.

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