The Scientific Basis for Metabolic Typing, Part 2 (of a 2 part series)

by Justin Smith |   Date Released : 13 Apr 2010
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Justin Smith

About the author: Justin Smith

Justin Smith is the author of the book $29 Billion Reasons to Lie about Cholesterol: Making Profit by Turning Healthy People into Patients. As an experienced nutrition and exercise coach, Justin has helped a large number of people within the corporate sector. For four years, he was based at the BBC in West London as a personal trainer. He has also worked with professional and Olympic level athletes. His specialties include: Integrated Exercise Prescription, Metabolic Typing, Hair Mineral Analysis, Neurotransmitter Balancing and Detoxification Protocols. Before his career in the health and fitness industry, Justin obtained a degree in Engineering. This rigorous academic background has provided him with the ability to scientifically evaluate published research and the conclusions drawn from it. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Justin was also a competitive cyclist for nine years.

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