Programming for Breast Cancer Group Exercise

by Dianne Woodruff |   Date Released : 04 Dec 2002
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Dianne Woodruff

About the author: Dianne Woodruff

Dianne L. Woodruff holds a PhD in Somatic Education and specializes in body movement and exercise solutions. Her two-volume video series, 3-D WORKOUT, teaches people to use their bodies correctly and restores function lost from sedentary life and work. A Certified Movement Analyst, she wrote her dissertation on Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement. She has taught in US universities for 30 years, following a career as a professional modern dancer. She developed the anatomy curriculum for Stott Pilates. A Registered Movement Therapist (ISMETA) and a CranioSacral practitioner, Dianne is the owner of Body-in-Motion in Oakville, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

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