Prenatal Strength Training Guidelines

by Catherine Cram |   Date Released : 02 Jun 2010
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Catherine Cram

About the author: Catherine Cram

Catherine Cram, MS, is the owner of Comprehensive Fitness Consulting, a company that provides pre- and post natal fitness certifications and information to hospitals, health and wellness organizations and the military. Catherine speaks regularly at health and medical conferences and has been featured in articles on maternal fitness for the following publications: The American Journal of Medicine and Sports; Women's Health and Fitness; Glamour; Pregnancy; Baby Years; Babytalk; Parenting and The Everything Total Fitness Book.

Catherine is the author of Fit Pregnancy for Dummies, published by Wiley Publishing in July 2004, and contributing author of Women’s Health Care in Physical Therapy: Principles and Practices for Rehabilitation Specialists (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2007). She serves on the board of expert advisors for Family Energy and is a maternal exercise consultant on the web sites and

Cram has developed and was featured in two videos: "Developing a Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Program," and "Postpartum Recovery Techniques and Exercises" for the ACSM’s Healthy Learning Series. She was the fitness consultant on two maternal exercise videos: "Positive Prenatal Fitness,” and "Positive Postnatal Recovery.” She produced a training video for the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing on the effects of bed rest on pregnant women and was featured in a University of Wisconsin Outreach Education video on postpartum recovery.

Cram earned her Masters Degree in exercise physiology from San Diego State University.

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Comments (2)

Rader, Marcey | 30 Aug 2013, 18:38 PM

The point about the Kegels contradicts one of the other articles that says that it should not be done during pregnancy as it narrows the birth canal. Instead, it says it should only be done after.

Arledge, Derek | 08 Jun 2010, 00:11 AM

To the point and very basic article on prenatal strength training.

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