More Sleep, More Muscle: How to Help Your Clients Get Both

by Nate Green |   Date Released : 02 Apr 2013
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Nate Green

About the author: Nate Green

Nate Green is the Program Director for Scrawny To Brawny, an online nutrition and workout coaching program for guys who want to build muscle and get in shape. Nate has been featured in the LA Times, Men's Health, Men's Fitness and more. He has authored several books including Built For Show, The Hero Handbook, and Bigger, Smaller, Bigger. He also helped provide research for Tim Ferriss's bestselling book, the Four Hour Body , and co-authored Dr. John Berardi's popular book, My Experiments in Intermittent Fasting. A former personal trainer in a big gym, Nate started his own training studio, Emerge Fitness Solutions, at the age of 21 where he worked with everyone from high-school and college athletes to CEOs of large companies and men and women of all ages. Nate currently lives and works in Portland, OR.

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