Metabolism - Part 1

by Gary McCoy |   Date Released : 02 Feb 2001
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Gary McCoy

About the author: Gary McCoy

Gary McCoy is an Australian and veteran of some 18 years in the Fitness Industry. Former director of education for Cybex (1994-1998), then Senior Director of Education for IDEA (1999), Gary has spent the majority of his professional career guiding the professional fitness market. Gary’s speaking engagements have spanned the globe, from Manchester United football Club and Glasgow Rangers Football Club, to the Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball teams. In 1996, while at Cybex, Gary enjoyed the opportunity to spearhead a professional team of trainers at the first “Olympic Village” health club. Now residing in the United States, Gary acts as a member of the American Council on Exercise board of faculty advisors, and has created a digital training, education and research site

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