Intermittent Fasting: What You Should Know

by John Berardi |   Date Released : 25 Feb 2013
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John Berardi

About the author: John Berardi

Dr. John Berardi has been recognized as one of the top exercise nutrition experts in the world. His work has been published in numerous textbooks, peer-reviewed academic journals, and in countless popular exercise and nutrition books and magazines.

Through his company, Precision Nutrition, Dr. Berardi has worked with over 60,000 clients in over 100 countries. These clients range from recreational exercisers all the way up to the athletic elite, including: The Cleveland Browns, The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Texas Longhorns, Canada’s Olympic Ski Teams, Canada’s Olympic Bobsleigh and Skeleton Racers, World Champion UFC Fighters, Canada’s Olympic Speed Skaters, and more.

Dr. Berardi has also created the highly acclaimed Precision Nutrition Certification program, a sport and exercise nutrition mentorship program designed exclusively for elite fitness professionals. To learn more, visit Dr. Berardi’s web site and take his free “Essentials of Nutrition Coaching” video course.

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Comments (11)

Tarrant Oneill, Darrell | 12 Feb 2014, 01:38 AM

Great article John!

I have been doing some research into IF as well as Carb cycling in order to get leaner etc. Would you approve of the 'Lean Gain' Fast on a Mon/Wed/Fri training schedule with those days being the high carb day. In turn, leaving the other days (Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun) to be low carb days?

Would that be a good idea or not?

Thanks a heap!

Webber, Lee | 17 Jul 2013, 14:56 PM

Have you seen success with endurance athletes on this type of nutrition periodization?

Bigelow, Chris | 06 Jun 2013, 21:33 PM

Thanks for posting this up, John! I had recently heard about Intermittent fasting and had been looking for a good 'overview' on the subject. I'm looking forward to what we find out about this type of nutritional strategy in the coming years as more research is done.

Berardi, John | 17 Apr 2013, 17:16 PM

@Steven: thanks for the feedback.

Berardi, John | 17 Apr 2013, 17:15 PM

@Michael: Check out this link... covers everything you need to know about setting up your own fasting schedule.

Ballance, steven | 10 Apr 2013, 19:38 PM

I liked reading the article. Nice pics and I am happy some one has done reserach for themselsves and write about it. I fast my self. it is very good practice. Also, Fasting has been around for thousands of years. In many religions around the world. It is done for spiritual reasons and help creating self discipline and mental clarity. I think With the mental benefits will come first then the physical attributes will follow. Just now in the past few decades has reserach been around.

Brigo, Michael | 11 Mar 2013, 15:21 PM

hi John I've done IF before and its yielded good results but i want to try the eat stop eat and my question is what will my calorie and macro nutrient intake be for the days im not fasting? is it kept the same or do I higher my carbs, protein and fats?

Berardi, John | 27 Feb 2013, 22:35 PM

No problem on the article, Teri.

As far as the photos, I think my wife likes me just fine. But remember, it's not about the "look". I was actually losing weight for an athletic purpose (track and field). And the level of body fat (and body weight) was exactly what I needed to perform at my best.

Besides, with the dark shadows in the picture above, you might not get the best perspective on how I looked post-IF in the daylight.

Here's a better representation:

Chadwick, Teri | 27 Feb 2013, 20:45 PM

From my (female) perspective, I have to say that I prefer your "before" photos. Just sayin. What does your wife think? : )

I heard your interview about IF, and other topics, on Fitcast. For the PTON member who wanted to know about IF results for women, John goes into some detail in that podcast. Google Fitcast, and I think you should be able to find it. If I remember correctly, it was episode 250.

Thanks, as always, for sharing your personal (experiential) knowledge and expertise.

Berardi, John | 26 Feb 2013, 18:04 PM

Thanks for the question (and feedback) Suzanne. I actually dig much deeper into this subject (including IF for women) in this particular video series: Part 5 contains some additional information for women. I even link to the same article you mention here. Hope that helps.

Digre, Suzanne | 26 Feb 2013, 00:24 AM

I appreciate your in-depth examination. However, what about the effects of intermittent fasting on women? There's very little research on this group and it's a big responsibility to recommend fasting when the effects on females haven't been fully studied. I'd like your input on these articles , in particular:

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