In-House Marketing 101 for Trainers

by Jon Rimmer |   Date Released : 16 Apr 2012
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Jon Rimmer

About the author: Jon Rimmer

Jon Rimmer began his training career over a decade ago as a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, later adding NASM’s advanced credentials of Sports Fitness Specialist, Integrated Flexibility Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Currently he holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. He’s the founder of The Training Rim personal fitness studio in Belford, N.J. where he is the Director of Training. Jon is the author of “Iron: Kettlebell and Body Weight Training 101,” has been interviewed by News 12 New Jersey, and his articles have appeared in IEEE Potentials Magazine,, and

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Comments (3)

Abbate, Adam | 23 Nov 2012, 16:41 PM

That was very informative Jon. Thank You. Adam

Rimmer, Jon | 02 Aug 2012, 17:24 PM

Anytime Victor, glad you liked it.

Brawner, Victor | 30 Jul 2012, 22:30 PM

Extremely informative article. Really appreciate the info Jon.

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