How to Engage Children in Play Time for Groups and Individuals

by Kylianne Turton |   Date Released : 29 Jun 2017
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Kylianne Turton

About the author: Kylianne Turton

Kylianne Turton is a Movement Conditioner in Karratha, Western Australia, Australia. A personal road to health and wellness lead Kylianne into personal training in 2011, prior to this she had completed her education and was practising in counselling. Kylianne’s sporting experience and with exercising to improve mental wellbeing, combined with mentoring from OD on Movement, empowered her to evolve her passion, to provide an authentic approach for creating client solutions. Specialising in movement conditioning, clients are guided safely, effectively and successfully through everyday challenges, empowering them to regain movement, their quality of life, and inspiring change in others. Kylianne has a particular passion for women’s pre and post natal training, after falling pregnant and giving birth to her first child identified a major gap in the market for effective movement based conditioning and education for mummas and mummas to be, especially in her region.

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