How Foot Mechanics Impact Barefoot/Minimalist Training

by Ryan Crandall |   Date Released : 17 Nov 2010
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Ryan Crandall

About the author: Ryan Crandall

Ryan Crandall has been a trainer for over a decade with a background as a Physical Therapist Assistant and aide. Ryan is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute as well as PTA Global and NASM certified. He specializes in in-home training and takes an eclectic approach with movement. Ryan teaches a version of yoga that he has termed 3d Yoga, which utilizes yoga poses while rhythmically oscillating and taking into consideration fascial planes.

Ryan is constantly striving to improve his approach from many angles, yet takes a humorous perspective to add to the fun quotient.

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Comments (3)

Crandall, Ryan | 08 Jul 2012, 19:01 PM

What I was referring to was the 1st metatarsal begins to adduct(towards the midline) and the hallux response by abducting. Thus Hallux abducto valgus(HAV)...So the big to abducts in the transverse plane (i know it sounds weird) and goes through a valgus in the frontal plane which is a rotation about the shank of the big toe. Hope that helps. :)

henderson, rob | 08 Jul 2012, 04:26 AM

you referred to hallux abducto valgus as having a big point outwards, and then in the next paragraph referred to hallux abducto valgus as big tow pointing inwards.
which is it?

Kyrcos, Constantine | 29 May 2012, 14:52 PM

Even though I read similar articles about bare foot training, I have to say that this is one of the best articles about the foot and how important is to understand that all upper body problems start from the feet!!!

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