Heart Rate Training and the Science Behind Its Success

by Bob Kaleal |   Date Released : 25 Apr 2016
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Bob Kaleal

About the author: Bob Kaleal

Bob Kaleal is a PTontheNet author sponsored by Mio Global.

Bob is an inspirational motivator, coach, and educator. As an owner of Bodies Done Right, Bob’s philosophy is designed around a fun, energetic team approach to exercise, sports and life.

Bob has three main tenets he abides by:

1. Education - Mental/Emotional, Psychological, Nutritional, and Physical- 4 components that allow you reach your peak athletic potential!

2. Accountability - Hold yourself accountable with the task at hand - be consistent in your efforts and responsive to change!

3. Results - Positive results come from consistent preparation (education) and a persistent (accountability) mindset!

Robert holds a double Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management from Cleveland State University. Bob was a licensed neuromuscular therapist, and emergency medical technician previous to that.

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